Hit The Floor Star Taylour Paige Says Earl Hayes Doesn’t Deserve A “Rest In Peace” After Losing Her Close Friend! Related STORIES

“Hit The Flooring” Vh1 star, Taylour Paige, has had an intriguing year loaded with achievements and also misfortunes. Just a number of months ago she lost her friend and our previous university classmate Simone Fight to self-destruction. It was a difficult strike and also she publicly spoke about her discomfort over the scenario. Currently, she has just lost one more friend, Stephanie Moseley, in a murder-suicide including Earl Hayes.

The other day early morning the police were phoned call to the Palazzo East Complicated near the Grove in Los Angeles after obtaining records of gunfires and also a woman shrieking. When police arrived to the scene Earl Hayes (Floyd Mayweather’s best friend) and “Hit The Floor” professional dancer Stephanie Moseley were discovered dead. A weapon was located at the scene and also cops believe it was a murder-suicide. As a matter of fact, Floyd Mayweather was most likely the last person to talk to Earl prior to the occurrence took place.

Taylour snapped today on social networks and stated that Earl Hayes, that shot Stephanie, doesn’t be worthy of any “Rest In Peace” wishes. She feels that what he did was despicable.

We understand exactly how heartbroken she is over this. However, it is necessary to remember that Earl Hayes has family also. He has people that enjoy him that not only need to handle the reality that he is no longer below, however also have to sustain the general public backlash that stains his memory. We need to take into consideration individuals that are still living and enduring a loss as well. We simply send our prayers to everybody associated with the circumstance!

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